Breaking the Silence ... by Thomas Kaae Colding

After over a years silence with updates... I am back with more photos, stories and experiments... back with stuff I love doing.

I haven't been that lazy :D ... I have shot a lot of stuff... just didn't have the time to update my site.

Now is the time to come back with these two posts and more to come. This is not my full time occupation so it kind of needs to drip feed in when possible... however.. i hope it doesn't take another year for the next post :P

Cheers and kisses

New Portrait Category ! by Thomas Kaae Colding

The older portrait sections have been merged and rearranged under a main category called "Portrait". There are 3 subsections - "HeadShots" (mainly controlled corporate style headshots) "GroupShots" (more than 1) & "Portraits" (the more broad styled portraits with slightly more artistic freedom).

Also ... the Weddings have been moved into this main "Portrait" category.